Month: March 2021

An Alternative Source Of Information 940 X 627

An Alternative Source of Information

By Henry Brinton / March 17, 2021

“Stem-cell research is always immoral.” “The invasion of Iraq was illegal.” Ouch. Whenever I hear such pronouncements from the pulpit, I can’t help but recoil. It’s not that I always disagree with the positions that are taken, or that I don’t think preachers should weigh in on public issues of moral concern. It’s the language…

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What’s Next For Virtual Worship

What’s Next for Virtual Worship?

By Rob Apgar-Taylor / March 14, 2021

It’s the new buzzword in Christianity and I hate it: Virtual Worship. Virtual can mean “online” in a modern context, but in its more traditional sense it means “almost” or “kind of like.” I buy a used car and say “It’s virtually brand new!” It’s not, but it could be. And so, I refuse to…

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