Month: June 2018

Give It a Rest

By Timothy Merrill / June 5, 2018

My colleague Bob Kaylor is on sabbatical this summer. You can read about it in this issue on page 7. I think he’s doing something important — for himself, his ministry and his church. He will be a better person for it. Let’s talk about sabbaticals for a moment. I read an article recently the…

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Cruise Control

By Bob Kaylor / June 5, 2018

Summer is movie blockbuster season, and there’s no movie I’m more excited about than the new Mission: Impossible — Fallout flick coming out at the end of July. It’s not because this is one of the greatest movie franchises ever (it’s not), nor is it because it has all the elements of a good spy thriller, including…

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Let’s Try to Keep the China on the Table – Interview with N.T. Wright

By Homiletics Team / June 1, 2018

This interview was from the March-April 2007 Issue of Homiletics The Bishop of Durham in England, N.T. (Tom) Wright, was formerly Canon Theologian of Westminster Abbey and Dean of Litchfield Cathedral. He has taught New Testament studies for 20 years at Cambridge, McGill and Oxford Universities. His Jesus and the Victory of God, The New Testament…

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